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Night Air vs Sleep Number

Compare Boyd Night Air®, Air Beds To Sleep Number®, Air Beds

See for yourself the numerous exclusive features and benefits of a Boyd Night Air Sleep System as compared to a Sleep Number®* airbed.

  Boyd Night Air® Sleep Number®
• No Motion Transfer X X
• Personalized Comfort X X
• 20 Year Limited Warranty
• 25 Year Limited Warranty   X
• Certified Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam Manufacturing? X  
• Replaceable Components? X
• Removable/Dry Cleanable Cover? X  
• Moisture Barrier Protection Surrounding Foam Tray? X  
• Two Hand Controls Standard? X  
• Adjustable From 1-100 in Single Digit Increments? X  
• 6-Chamber Technology? X  
• Separate Lumbar Adjustment? X  
• Shipped Fully Assembled X  


Boyd Solutions 6 Chamber Boyd Solutions 6 Chamber (202 KB)

Boyd Operetta 6 Chamber Boyd Operetta 6 Chamber (165 KB)

Boyd Premier 2 Chamber Boyd Premier 2 Chamber (153 KB)

Boyd Nimbus 2 Chamber Boyd Nimbus 2 Chamber (187 KB)

*Sleep Number and Select Comfort are registered trademarks.

They are not affiliated with Boyd Specialty Sleep. Any references are for comparison purposes only.

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