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Mattress 101

Buying a mattress can be intimidating. Fortunately there is a lot of info that can get you on to the right track. Feel free to review our various buying guides from one of our suppliers, Simmons, to get you started on your purchase.

A Woman's Buying Guide

This guide skips the overwhelming technical details and provides practical info to help you buy the right mattress.

Read the Guide (PDF)

A Man's Buying Guide

Wondering if you'll ever have a good night's sleep again? Review this guide to help weed through all the details you need to find the right mattress.

Read the Guide (PDF)

A Couple's Buying Guide

One bed does not necessarily provide two people with their ideal comfort. This guide will help you map out the best mattress for the both of you.

Read the Guide (PDF)

A Bedroom Green Guide

It is possible to have a relaxing bedroom oasis that is also friendly to the environment. This guide give you tips on how to make it happen.

Read the Guide (PDF)

Want to start narrowing down mattress options to a manageable number that match your sleep style?
Use our Mattress Wizard to get started.

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