Healthy Sleeping

Healthy Sleeping

A good night's sleep is critical to health and happiness. We have gathered a number of articles that offer great tips on getting a great night's sleep.

Simmons® Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Simple modifications to your daily routine can help your body's sleep cycle regulate itself. Dr. James B. Maas's Top 10 great sleep strategies include:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Exercise, but not within two hours of bedtime.
  • Keep mentally stimulated during the day.
  • Eat a proper diet.
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • Avoid alcohol near bedtime.
  • Take a warm bath before bed.
  • Maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Establish a bedtime ritual.

Source: Power Sleep by Dr. James B. Maas


Your Guide to Healthy Sleep
What does sleep do for you? How much is enough? How does sleep change as you become older? Get answers to these questions, learn about common sleep myths and get practical tips for getting adequate sleep in this booklet distributed by the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services. You’ll also find information on sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and parasomnias.


Better Sleep Council
The Better Sleep Council (BSC) is a nonprofit organization endowed by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), the trade association for the mattress industry. BSC educates consumers on the critical link between sleep and health. Their website provides simple solutions to help improve the quality of your sleep and ultimately improve your quality of life.

National Sleep Foundation
The National Sleep Foundation is a nonprofit organization of researchers, patients and health care facilities dedicated to improving the quality of life for Americans who suffer from sleep problems and disorders. They provide sleep facts and information for children and adults, video and audio resources and link to sleep-related online communities.

Sleep Products Safety Council
The Sleep Products Safety Council is a safety division of ISPA that is devoted to advancing the safety of sleep products. As a public service, they share information and tips on today's most vital safe-sleep topics.


Sleep Tips: Top 10 Sleep Mistakes And Their Solutions

Sleep Hygiene 101: How To Ensure A Better Night's Rest
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