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Comforpedic vs Tempurpedic

Often we receive the question, "what is the differences between memory foam mattresses like Comforpedic and the tempurpedic? or Which is better?" Today, we aim to to educate those who may be in the market for a high quality memory foam mattress. You just might be surprised to learn the real facts.

I. Dissipates heat. Not temperature sensitive.

  1. Tempurpedic foam is temperature sensitive. If your room is cold then your mattress firms up. If youe room is warm, it loses support. Also, your own body will cause the foam to lose support. In northern states where temperatures are colder they actually tell you not to bend or fold the mattress due to the possibility that it might break.

  2. The density and formulation of the tempurpedic material used in a tempurpedic mattress causes them to trap your body heat within the mattress and sleep hot.

  3. Comforpedic mattresses use a foam formulation process that is not temperature sensitive. The mattress will have the same feel and consistency in a cool room as it does in a warm room.

  4. They have also developed the foam to be less dense and more porous, so it dissipates heat much faster therefore it does not sleep hot. In addition comforpedic is constantly improving and taking advantage of the latest in foam and gel technology. Gel is used in all comforpedic models for additional support and its cooling properties.

II. Quick recovery

  1. Tempur material is a very slow reacting foam. This will make it difficult to change position during the night or with any other movement/activity that one might attempt while in bed.

  2. Comforpedic foams are less dense and have a much quicker recovery time, resulting in superior pressure relief and ease of movement.

III. Price/consumer confidence

  1. Tempurpedic spends a huge amount of money on infomercials, direct mail marketing, broadcast advertising, etc. It has been said that up to 70% of every dollar spent on a tempurpedic mattress goes towards marketing.

  2. Comforpedic models are also priced high compared to innerspring mattresses but consumers should expect to spend about $500 less than the same level tempurpedic mattress.

Other things to consider.

Break in period. In order to break the bed in, many tempur retailers will tell consumers to walk on their beds. Really, what is happening is that by walking on the bed, the membranes of the foams cellular structure are being broken. This is a process known as "cracking" the foam. This causes the bed to "break in" to its proper feel but it also causes off gassing, which produces a chemical odor. Comforpedic mattresses have all been "pre-cracked" at the factory. They call the process transflexion. The result is your new mattress will feel the same in your home as it did in the showroom without any unpleasant off gassing odor.

Sleep Comfort by Nerlands does not sell Tempurpedic. Information supplied for comparative purposes only.

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