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About Us

The Nerland Family has been serving the North since 1898, when Andrew Nerland started a retail wallpaper and paint business in Dawson during the Gold Rush.

After moving to Fairbanks in 1904, Andrew Nerland established a business in the interior city in conjunction with his relatives the Anderson brothers.  In the 1930’s Andrew’s only son, Leslie, led an expansion of the Nerland family business to furniture and other home furnishings items in Fairbanks.

The 3rd generation of Nerlands, Jerry, Ron and sister Milesse led the growth of stores in the 1960’s and 70’s that included stores in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Maui, Hawai. Nerlands also had a store for several years in Seattle.  During the mid 80’s when Alaska oil prices dropped significantly, Nerlands reduced the number stores. In early 1992 Nerlands closed it’s furniture business.  

In late 1991, 4th generation Alaskan Steve and wife Debbie Nerland opened Sleep Comfort by Nerlands, Anchorage’s first mattress specialty store. Today, Sleep Comfort by Nerlands has more mattress models in one location than any other store in Alaska.

You will even see Steve and Debbie’s daughter Kelly Shilanski, husband Micah Shilanski, son Taylor and wife Brittany in some of our TV commercials. Steve and Debbie’s three 6th generation Alaskan grandson’s, Logan, Preston, and Gabriel, are also featured.

We offer a variety of choices in styles and manufacturers as well as a large price range. We also carry other bedroom and sleeping specialty items including headboards, footboards, and futons. We carry Alaska’s largest selection of electric adjustable bases from industry leading manufacturers.

Sleep Comfort by Nerlands also does hospitality and contract mattress projects and has furnished a number of Alaska hotels with premium mattresses for guests. We also are a major supplier to camps on the North Slope and other camps and premium bed and breakfast’s around the State.

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