Welcome to a Good Night's Sleep

 Thanks for visiting Sleep Comfort by Nerlands. We are committed to finding the perfect mattress for your needs at the right price.

Find Your Comfort Level With Us

We offer a sleep analysis system unique in Alaska that helps you discover the right mattress comfort level and type for you. Fill out our Mattress Wizard questionnaire here on our website or else come on into our showroom for a full analysis. Through a questionnaire and a body scan, we can tell you the right comfort level for you and provide you with a variety of mattress options that will meet your needs.

Financing Available

We offer financing options for your mattress purchase. Check out the details on our financing page.

Bush Orders Welcome

We are committed to servicing ALL of Alaska. If you live off the road system, we can get you the mattress you need. Check out our Bush Orders page for details on how to order your mattress.

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